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In a very competitive Western Conference battle, the Grizzlies direly needs a star who has the ability to knock down jumpers and spread opposing defense pretty well.
A unified payroll and employment system for all companies working in the field of operation and maintenance is direly required, one member said.
The device also features clear, two-way communication between the camera and monitor, allowing parents to talk direly to the child from a different room.
Data on the safety and effectiveness of bisphosphonate drugs for the long-term treatment of osteoporosis are lacking and direly needed, according to a joint Food and Drug Administration advisory committee meeting.
In a sermon after heading a prayer ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the Greek Orthodox Saint Elie Church and hall in the town of Nahriyeh, Mansour urged Christians to hold on to their lands "like they cling to a free and honorable life and the culture of [sectarian] coexistence which we direly need today in order to prove to ourselves that we are capable of building our country and ourselves with unity, partnership and real love.
The shipment includes direly needed supplies of 1200 cans of Baby Milk, 5500 cartons of staple food items, 11 containers of clothing items, and 4 pallets of medicine to hospitals.
Randomized trials with a low risk of bias and adequate sample sizes are direly needed.
We, in the West, direly need the wisdom of Islam to rid our countries from rampant delinquency and crime.
They bring the bad news that humanity will have to muddle through with the conceptual materials it already has to hand; they advocate a voluntary moratorium on many of the debates that take up time and energy that are direly needed on the front lines.
Morgado and Public Works Commissioner John Knipe said the additional storage is direly needed because two winters ago the town almost ran out of salt.
Islamabad Outgoing finance minister Shaukat Tarin said on Thursday he had resigned in order to revert to his banking business that direly needed injection of capital.
The PCB is grovelling around Yousuf as if he is a very great batsman and the team direly need his services right now.