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A clap of thunder and flash of lightning accentuated the direness.
But with Pakistan, Refugees International has begun to discuss those 'refugees' impacted by climate displacement, where the cause of their movements and the direness of their situation was caused, not in broad terms by conflict, but by natural disaster.
Amid all the doom, gloom and insufferable direness that defined last summer's film crop, Ahmed Mekki, Egyptian cinema's hottest young comedy star, emerged almost out of nowhere to deliver a knockout with "Teer Enta" (Fly Now): the funniest, zaniest comedy of 2009.
the implied direness of the problem, or the optimism of the reported solutions), and the perspective of the presentation (i.
8) However, given the direness of the climate change problem, Canadians must embark upon an effective greenhouse gas emissions strategy.
Second, provided that such an experience does arise, even without many congregants hearing the sermon, a corporate sense of numinousness could have been enough to create a subjective sense of direness on the part of the unconverted.