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This helps to facilitate a comparison between our results and those of Sheshinski (2007, 2010) and Direr (2010) concerning flexible annuity plans.
Instead of rioting, though, Argentines are falling back on tried and true survival skills learned in earlier, direr times.
People from indigenous background could be informed to take care of the own nature so that they could benefit from their natures welfare, if humans do not protect the ecosystem and biodiversity "the consequences are direr.
Unfortunately, the situation has gotten worse ever since the revolution erupted in 2011, and is getting direr as time passes.
This unsustainable increase is even direr considering the precarious situation of agricultural workers across the continent.
Moreover, the direr the event threat, the more highly motivated the believers would be to go all-out to find the solution.
Ultimately, Milton shows that as a demon's sins (and, implicitly, an unregenerate human's sins) become graver, his counter sufferings include direr effects of the first and second degrees of punishment and reflect the gradual weakening of his will until it is annihilated.
direr, suggesting that Jordanian debt may leap from its present 14.
The participants in the symposium however, begged to direr and demonstrated that Fanonism is reaching out to, as well as past, its original audience: those who have experienced the long-term effects of colonialism's imprints, embedded as they are in the cultural and social structures of their communities.
For all the glum news pouring out of the core of the European Union, many of the countries on the EU's periphery are in even direr straits, and some experts believe their instability could further weaken the Union.
which can generally lw characterized into direr categories:
In Javier Tellez's amazingly beautiful film O Rinoceronte de Direr, 2010, time again inscribes its (s)pace.