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The report read: "Among the complaints expressed are that too much mention was made of the dirtiness of the areas near the steel works (now there is a surprise), of the music halls, and conditions in the past and too little of the town's achievements.
The answers our contributors have ventured all offer provocative insight in an array of disciplinary idioms and from a range of critical perspectives, and all offer original and compelling critical methods borne in and from dirt: the dirtiness in archival excavation (Morra), dirty temporality as queer materiality (Ellis), detritus as ecological apprehension (Mason), residual humanism against technopolist hegemony (Fan), the forgotten promise of earthly pedagogy (Rahmani), the transgressive capacity of dirty mourning (Lousley), and the restive, resistant power of shit (Epp).
PESHAWAR -- Assistant Food Controller conducted visit of various parts of city on Thursday, handing over several persons to police officials after arrest over dirtiness and charging high prices from people and fined them as well.
I was in the wrong frame of mind, melancholy, finding it all so dispiriting, the ugliness of rock-bottom poverty and general dirtiness.
When shoppers were asked why they were abandoning North Shields, Wallsend and Whitley Bay they cited old-fashioned shops and general dirtiness as the main reasons for staying away.
Apparently, in Nigeria, if a woman left her hair undone it was taken as a sign something was wrong - bereavement, depression, or habitual dirtiness, while for the Mende people of Sierra Leone, neglected or messy hair meant that a woman had loose morals.
In Chapter X, part I, he writes, "The wages of labor vary with the ease or hardship, the cleanliness or dirtiness, the honourable or dishonourableness of employment .
23) For example, as with Kinglake, there is an emphasis on the dirtiness and poverty.
This process is variable as it depends on the dirtiness of the transported cargo.
First, the wages of labour vary with the ease or hardship, the cleanliness or dirtiness, the honourableness or dishonourableness of the employment.
A major source of light is the dirtiness of the surface of glass plate.