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The standard minimum payment for disablement war pension varies depending on rank.
Earlier this month the miners' union Nacods secured a ruling from the High Court in London that the Department for Work and Pensions had acted unlawfully by relying on a rudimentary cold water test when assessing hundreds of its members for industrial injuries disablement benefit.
Drain Disablement is also considered by the Health Department to be one of the most effective retrofit options in preventing injuries and fatalities, since it does not depend on mechanical devices that can fail in an emergency.
Our figures reveal there are 2,150 people across the North East who receive severe disablement allowance or incapacity benefit and say alcoholism is the main medical reason for them being unable to work.
THOUSANDS of miners suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee - commonly known as Miners' Knee - can now claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.
The change, starting from July 13, will allow sufferers to claim industrial injuries disablement benefit worth up to pounds 143.
In exchange for the disablement of the complex and submitting a list of its nuclear programs, North Korea has been promised energy aid equivalent to a total of 1 million tons of heavy fuel oil, the delivery of which has yet to be completed.
It said the North "informed IAEA inspectors that effective immediately, access to facilities at Yongbyon would no longer be permitted" and "also stated that it has stopped its [nuclear] disablement work".
State Department spokesman Robert Wood said, ''Obviously, we're very concerned about some of the reversal of disablement activities that the North has been engaged in.
nuclear watchdog did not mention any particular changes in other nuclear facilities under its watch, suggesting that North Korea's move to restore nuclear facilities following the mid-August suspension of disablement centers on the graphite experimental reactor at Yongbyon.
It was supposed to have completed the disablement and handed over the declaration by December 31 in return for one million tonnes of fuel oil or equivalent energy aid, and diplomatic benefits.
The policy excluded disablement resulting from permanent total disablement attributable to arthritic or other degenerative conditions.

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