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See Harlan Lane, The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community (New York, 1992) for criticism of the audiologist treatment model and the effect of cochlear implants.
Vocational handicaps secondary to a disabling condition can cause a reduction in physical or cognitive capabilities and psychological functioning that can compromise career development.
For example, numerous disciplines participate in the teaching of the DECOD courses at the University of Washington: physical therapists from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine demonstrate wheelchair transfer techniques, vocational counselors discuss psychosoical issues of disability, physiatrists lecture on various disabling conditions, nutritionists present concerns in nutrition, and speech pathologists provide dental professionals with basic information on speech and swallowing disorders.
Applied to this research, students in wheelchairs appear to be building a sense of cohesion through an inside humor system that revolves around the unique, though negative, aspects of their disabling condition.
The process, however, is complex, since societies, and particularly individuals within those societies, vary in their susceptibilities to disabling conditions as a function of their unique behaviors, technologies and other attributes.
Because the major health problem of the older population is chronic disabling illness, rehabilitation cannot be viewed as an adjunctive service to geriatric health care; rather, it is the mainstay.
Acceptance of disability is perceived as a realization of the difficulty of disabling conditions, but, at the same time stresses the intrinsic value and ability of individuals (Thorenson & Kerr, 1978).
The SSDI program is a program of public employment -- disability insurance created by Congress to insure workers contributing to the Social Security Trust Fund against the risk of future unemployment caused by the occurrence of a physically or mentally disabling condition.