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This is a novel insight into the debate, and one which then allows Mulhall to formulate the extremely important question missed by majority of commentators: even if the substantial position is deeply flawed, how does one disabuse the 'substantialist' (in this case, the private linguist) of this tendency?
If you ever thought industrial work was a dull and meaningless activity merely endured for the life it afforded outside the factory, this short oral history will disabuse you.
He is quick to disabuse us of making any specific connection between yesterday's irregular war (asymmetric, as we call it today) and today's guiding principles.
If the title presupposes a travel book, Bjorn Larsson is quick to disabuse us.
We must also disabuse ourselves that this is just about us or is only happening in the United States.
Brustein attempts to disabuse the reader of tired actor stereotypes, he only succeeds in perpetuating them.
Recent reports of a hefty out-of-court settlement do nothing to disabuse us of such suspicions.
Strip criminal law of its normative content; disabuse your mind of any notion of natural law; remind us that we are autonomous, evolved animals, not creatures made in the image of a loving God; bang on endlessly about how we now live in a secular, pluralistic society--and just why should one man's meat not be another man's flesh?
Sorry to disabuse her, but the 1900 Storm killed more than 6,000 Galvestonians (Texas), almost 10 times as many as the 682 dead in 1938.
pdf make fascinating reading and will disabuse many of the simplistic notion that the U.
If the assembled architects have anything in common, it is to disabuse Messrs IN-EX of the 'customize' idea; many speak in a pleasantly pragmatic manner.
It's harder than hell to disabuse people of their viewing habits," says MSNBC's editor-in-chief Jerry Nachman, whose own 7 p.