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In his youth he flirted with socialism, but was soon disabused of this by reading the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (1881-1972).
All of those who have been taken in by the glamorous fantasy of donning a pair of overalls and traipsing after people dressed like Ken dolls will be disabused here.
Japanese workers are being rapidly disabused of their faith in the jobs-for-life concept.
Our experience since Reagan took office should have disabused them of that theory.
Although Coleman, disabused of any illusions, realizes that she is not a stranger in paradise, but a native in a strange land, she is committed to staying with her S & M metropolis.
If we are to see the pragmatic philosopher as a therapist, as one who has disabused us of the traditional foundationalist role of philosophy, what is left for philosophy to do?
Just as the PGA wrongly imagined until the Casey Martin case that it had the right to define golf in the traditional manner to include walking from hole to hole, so the bar examiners must be disabused of the idea that they can hold aspiring lawyers to traditional legal skills such as the ability to assimilate large amounts of written material quickly.
Here in England the woman who founded the Fund, Jean Jones, became so disabused that she accused Mrs Woodward of being obsessed with money.
One can listen for hours without being disabused of the notion that he has somehow tuned in a Top-Forty station in Tulsa.
IF ever anyone questioned the need for the Government's planned parenting classes, then they must be disabused of the notion today.
Sadly I was soon disabused of this assumption and I realised that it was in fact more of the aforementioned vandalism, perpetrated by some pathetic, brain-dead little herbert, so lacking in imagination that he/she had misappropriated this meaningless argot, that was closer to some American ghetto, than the Llanrumney estate.
IF Sporting Index thought they were being generous in posting a finishing-position quote of 15-18 for Masters favourite Tiger Woods, punter-power quickly disabused them, writes Jeremy Chapman.