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If an appraiser must answer questions disadvantageously, those questions should be answered without the appearance of embarrassment or frustration.
How would one explain treating differently and disadvantageously a grimy economic shell that sleeps under the overpass on the one hand, from the polished shell of an insolvent corporation on the other?
A thorough understanding of costs will allow those negotiating the capitation rates in the contracts to underbid competing laboratory service providers without negotiating a disadvantageously low reimbursement rate.
The example is thus telling evidence that the prohibition on abortion treats women unequally and disadvantageously.
Since that humble beginning, and in spite of being disadvantageously situated on an island surrounded by the old East Germany, Freiberger has built a modern plant employing 550 workers who bake 500,000 pizzas daily.
The regular tax has chosen to treat miscellaneous itemized deductions disadvantageously, in essence as partly personal consumption expenses, even though they are clearly not.