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It has been said by goodnatured people who rejoice in distorting facts to the prejudice of those to whom they can be disadvantageously applied, that Mr.
Where cooking and cosmetics are framed as lesser, even false, versions of medicine and gymnastics, femininity is, by association, framed equally disadvantageously in relation to masculinity.
Since Charles confronts the consequences of cavalier spending every day in his work as an ersatz mortgage company repo man trained to help indebted clients disadvantageously refinance their loans, he's a pennypincher.
This may be because Germany entered EMU at a disadvantageously high (post-unification) exchange rate, whereas Italy entered at a favourably low (post-EMS crises) one--in both cases far from equilibrium and leading to a period of convergence in conformity to the "law of one price".
The lack of a pit in Yale University Theatre forced conductor Peter Hirsch to locate his 18-piece orchestra (drawn from the New Haven Symphony Orchestra) disadvantageously on stage, reducing the playing area available to director Carlos Wagner, but the resulting staging, simple as it was, and aided by Mauricio Elorriaga's sets and costumes, managed to emphasize how effectively the opera can be mounted with limited means.
If an appraiser must answer questions disadvantageously, those questions should be answered without the appearance of embarrassment or frustration.
How would one explain treating differently and disadvantageously a grimy economic shell that sleeps under the overpass on the one hand, from the polished shell of an insolvent corporation on the other?
6 % of the Japanese population believed that women are treated disadvantageously in hiring decisions, and 83.
As Teece puts it, "When the game of musical chairs stops, and a dominant design emerges, the innovator might well end up positioned disadvantageously relative to a follower.
The centrally located Honolulu Stadium, which served as the major venue for sports events from 1926 to 1975 and is now a heavily used urban park, has been replaced by a rusting, cavernous, and disadvantageously located Aloha Stadium, which excites no close community identification.
It may be proper to observe, that these fine Genius's never spoke disadvantageously of Moliere; and that none but the contemptible Writers among the English have endeavour'd to lessen the Character of that great comic Poet.
However, this value system, seen in literature, functioned disadvantageously for whites as well as for blacks because the blacks saw whites as insincere and hypocritical.