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Firefighters are pressing their union to disaffiliate from the Labour Party in protest at the way they were treated by the Government during their bitter pay dispute.
The IOA will explain how the issuance of such show cause notice to the ad hoc committee satisfies the requirement of principles of natural justice as regards its decision to disaffiliate the petitioner", said the court.
Now the Bishop and the Diocese claim that the parish could not disaffiliate and they want the court to declare the disaffiliation void?
They are not happy about it and so decided to disaffiliate.
The house, he said unanimously decided to disaffiliate the PNF to safeguard the interest of the Olympic Movement in Pakistan and ensure the integrity of the NOC Pakistan.
THE Siptu conference will debate a resolution to disaffiliate from the Labour Party tomorrow.
If the Oklahoma chapter were to disaffiliate, Fried said they would not have the ability to influence elected officials on topics that are important to the organization or impact research to the level needed.
On the other hand, DABA threatens to disaffiliate boxers and officials who participate in our events,"he said.
Unite's general secretary Len McCluskey, who has been involved in a bitter war of words with outgo ing Scottish Labour leader Jim Mur phy, said he would not support any move to disaffiliate from Labour and backed the party to "rise like a phoenix" from the ashes of its defeat.
As the row with the outgoing Labour leader intensified, McCluskey said some Scottish members of Unite wanted to disaffiliate from Labour and end their financial contribution.
This position has helped me to disaffiliate myself from any emotional attachment to any ruler, thus allowing me to claim an ability to perceive the policies of rulers more clearly than their blind supporters.