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SECU President/CEO Jim Blaine, who is retiring, triggered an industry-wide controversy and debate after stating he disaffiliated with CUNA and the state league in 2014 over the dual membership requirement and other issues.
In January 1944, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) disaffiliated from the Irish Labour Party, citing the growing influence of communism within the party in Dublin.
The co-editor of the disaffiliated YU Beacon resigned.
Several United Ways disaffiliated with the national office and filed name changes.
about 600 ELCA Congregations have disaffiliated since it approved the homosexual lifestyle in 2009, i.
In November 2009, UAN was dissolved and a new organization was created in December 2009 called the NNU (National Nurses United) composed of nurses associations who had disaffiliated with ANA: California, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Michigan, Minnesota and the collective bargaining members of Kentucky.
It was disaffiliated from the group when it became subject to corporate workout in 2003.
He says MUW's new administration should reach out to the disaffiliated Mississippi's First Alumnae Association to tap into that group's recruiting and fundraising prowess.
This move has made some state associations with heavy union representation unhappy, and thus have disaffiliated with ANA.
When it disaffiliated from the general church, the local church did not have the right to take the church property with it," Justice Ming W.
When approximately 60,000 collective bargaining members of the United American Nurses (UAN) from eight of its founding member states disaffiliated from the UAN this past winter, there was reason to take note of what might come next.