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Retrospective accounts of religious disaffiliation in the United States: Stressors, skepticism, and political factors.
56) Were they disaffiliations due to people detaching from their family religion only to resume it when starting their own families (demographic explanation)?
THE mail, sent by BI interim secretary Mohit Bagchandani to state units on Saturday said: "It is hearby directed that you are to avoid participating in any unauthorised meetings pertaining to the sport of boxing in India, failing which you will be severely dealt with, which may result in the suspension or disaffiliation of your state unit with Boxing India.
Factors such as lack of flexibility in cost due to the field conditions, Diversity in paying wage and not paying prepayment cause people's disaffiliation in the plan and considering these factors increase their partnership.
If the schools do not come up to the prescribed standards in the next five years, they could face disaffiliation from the board.
During 2009 and 2010, the disaffiliation from SAMA of private specialists to form the new SAPPF was noted.
From the aforementioned slave narratives to immigrant stories, which often articulate experiences of socio-cultural assimilation into or disaffiliation from mainstream American life, the conversion narrative has provided ethnic Americans with a template for experiencing and representing life in a polity that has historically sought their exclusion, whether it be through slavery or Jim Crow segregation or through Nativist immigration policies like the 1921 Emergency Quota Act or its offspring, the Immigration Act of 1924.
As well, with a rising rate of "no religion" across the four Canadian regions since 1971 even among some third-generation populations (Statistics Canada 2007), it would seem possible that disaffiliation may play a role in the decline of births being baptized by the United Church.
Disaffiliation was conceptualized as having low levels of perceived social support.
As a result of NYSNA's disaffiliation from ANA, its individual members lost national benefits, including access to professional consultations on nursing issues, core resources such as periodicals and members' content on ANA's website, and discounts on books, conferences, and continuing education offerings.
Collectively, such studies can help us to understand the processes of gang affiliation and disaffiliation experienced by young men.
The vast inattention to the great issue of Jewish secularity has brought consequences, among which are growing unaffiliation and disaffiliation especially from congregations, the conversion of a sizeable number of us to Buddhism, and a growing frenzy for so-called innovative Jewish programs.