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Disaffiliation is predominantly a fact in US Christianity simply because the overwhelming majority of the population is Christian.
We do not take this disaffiliation from the BCTD lightly or without due consideration," he said.
16) Examples of disaffiliations resulting from financial difficulties include IRS Letter Rulings 9008067 (11/29/89) and 9023056 (3/12/90).
Conversions and disaffiliations have helped to stabilize our operating platform.
I don't believe a small number of sizable disaffiliations signals the death knell of trade associations," said Dennis Dollar, a onetime NCUA chairman.
assets relating to service line conversions, disaffiliations and
9 million net impairment of working capital assets relating to service line conversions, disaffiliations and potential disaffiliations.
In recent years as the recession has worsened, state leagues have turned away from insisting on mandatory participation since the experience in Pennsylvania and California-Nevada, for example, triggered too many disaffiliations.
8% over the same prior year period, which excludes the impact of disaffiliations and service line conversions.
Such decreases are attributable to reduced facilities expense as a result of practice disaffiliations since June 30, 2001 and to a lesser extent to the conversion of two practices to the service line model, combined with the economies of scale gained through increased revenue, particularly from pharmaceuticals.
When it comes to collaboration, we've always been willing to talk at any time to anyone," declared Rick Pillow, president/CEO of the Virginia League in stressing the cooperative theme that also has been a dominant trend among state leagues this year as the groups try to pare expenses amid a shrinking dues base, fallout from the corporate meltdown, NCUA assessment and trade group disaffiliations.
4% compared to the same prior year period as a result of PPM practice disaffiliations since June 30, 2002, representing 31 medical oncologists, and conversions to the service line model, representing 34 medical oncologists, since service line model visits are not included in our patient volume statistics.