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Repudiate; revoke consent; refuse to support former acts or agreements.

Disaffirm is commonly applied in situations where an individual has made an agreement and opts to cancel it, which he or she may do by right—such as a minor who disaffirms a contract.

A disaffirmance is a denial or nullification of the existence of something, as opposed to a revocation, which is the breaking of an existing agreement.


verb abjure, abnegate, abolish, challenge, conflict with, contravene, controvert, defy, demur, deny, differ, disaffiliate, disagree, disallow, disavow, disclaim, disown, dispute, disregard, dissent, forswear, gainsay, negate, object, oppose, oppugn, overrule, overturn, protest, raise objections, rebut, recant, refuse, refute, renounce, repudiate, resist, retract, reverse, run counter to, traverse
Associated concepts: disaffirmance of contract
See also: contest, contradict, controvert, deny, disaccord, disallow, disavow, disclaim, disinherit, disown, gainsay, negate, oppose, protest, recant, refute, reject


1 to annul or reverse a decision.
2 to repudiate obligations.
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Upon reaching eighteen years, the minor may either disaffirm or ratify the contract.
Specifically, where outside counsel believes that the material violation is occurring or is about to occur that is likely to result in substantial injury to the financial interest or property of the company or its shareholders and that the company's directors have not responded "appropriately" to evidence of that material violation, the attorney is required to do three things: (1) withdraw from rep resenting the company "forthwith"; (2) within one business day of the withdrawal, notify the SEC of the withdrawal and state that it was based on "professional considerations"; and (3) promptly disaffirm to the SEC any submission that the attorney prepared or helped to prepare th at the attorney reasonably believes is or may be materially misleading.
provided that a lawyer would have to withdraw, disaffirm any fraudulent
However, this fact does not disaffirm our common interests or obviate the need to strive for common goals.
The findings from this study both support and disaffirm previous research on the experience of stroke.
As a chapter was closed in his life and in the storied history of the NBA, it was fitting that the player who defied gravity nightly would disaffirm the gravity surrounding his retirement.
If a mentally incompetent individual enters into a contract, under many instances that individual is entitled to disaffirm the contract.
193) Worley sought to disaffirm the purchase contract; Buchanan asked a chancery court to order specific performance by Worley, apparently assuming that the segregation ordinance did not apply or was unenforceable.
As desired by at least one judge on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit,(254) the Guidelines disaffirm further use of the "method of doing business" exception.
However, if the claim is untrue, the nutrition information is likely to disaffirm consumers' initial impressions.
1983) (holding that a minor may not disaffirm a contract to which her parent has consented, even where, as here, that consent is unlimited and therefore fails to protect the child's best interests.
Under this Act, the RTC, as receiver, "may disaffirm or repudiate any contract.