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The Catholic clergy act like a political party when they disagree with officials elected by the people, and then ask to be protected like a religion when the people disagree disagreeably.
On one hand we have a phenomenally influential religious guru with an estimated following of two crore putting forth disagreeably bigoted statements which could only be hailed for their absurdities; while on the other hand we have the whole nation desperately trying to come to terms with the issues related to the safety and status of women in society.
The cranium, and, indeed, the whole skull, was so small as to be disagreeably suggestive of something animal.
As a consequence, the state of personal injury law in this area remains disagreeably unsettled in New York.
For which reason, as I am rather disagreeably affected whenever I meet with those names to which I have affixed such venerable ideas, polluted, as it were, by plebeians of the meaner trades and occupations (such as *barbers, taylors, and +chimneysweepers); so I cannot but be much more disgusted to see those antique ensigns of honour (which have been granted from the crown as the reward of some great achievement in arms or arts) so vilely prostituted as they now are: and I am angry with the Heralds-Office for not interfering, and putting a stop to our hackney-coach-men from bearing coronets and supporters on their twelve-penny conveyances, as they constantly have done for some years.
As if on cue, the largest of the pride rose to his feet, growling, swatting disagreeably at his neighbour with one huge paw.
but also acting disagreeably towards those with whom we do not agree," said Grayson, citing the vitriol often seen in the comment sections of blogs.
Among the absentees was Samuel Clayton, described as "a jessamy young fellow", James Pinfield- "bow-legged, but not disagreeably so" - and Samuel Jackson - "very hollow eyes, short neck".
We were warned by a sign from the black boy to be cautious, so crawling to the edge of the bank, under shelter of a large gum tree that stood near it, we peered over into the river bed, and there sure enough we saw two of the most disagreeably ugly animals that ever I slapped eyes on.
All of us who heard them were disagreeably affected by their words, as we afterwards told one another: we'd been completely convinced by the earlier argument, yet now they seemed to disturb us again [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and make us doubtful not only about the arguments already put forward but also about points yet to be raised, for fear that we were incompetent judges of anything, or even that these things might be inherently doubtful [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].