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In balance Luzon, 55 percent agreed and 31 percent disagreed.
When asked if the procedure of filing FIRs was easy, 24pc strongly disagreed, 8pc somewhat disagreed, 38pc were neutral, 9pc somewhat agreed and 20pc strongly agreed.
Table 15 depicts that 57 % of the teachers agreed that the educators foster the knowledge, practical skills and attitudes about the social conflict resolution while 43 % of the teachers disagreed with the statement.
In the EthicsSA survey, 75% of responding doctors agreed that advance directives help to clarify a patient's wishes regarding treatment when incompetent and at the end of life, whereas only 12% disagreed.
The survey also showed that 49 percent agreed while 19 percent disagreed with the statement: 'In our area, the administration probably has people who secretly observe and report those who are users and those who are sellers of illegal drugs.
An "Agree:Disagree" ratio was also calculated for each charge question, which assessed how many external peer reviewers agreed or disagreed with that category of EPA's draft toxicological report.
67 strongly agreed, 76 agreed, 7 disagreed, and 11 strongly disagreed for stopwatch; and 68 strongly agreed, 77 agreed, 9 disagreed, and 7 strongly disagreed for timer.
Meanwhile, 22% agreed revalidation would help identify and tackle problem doctors, while the rest neither agreed or disagreed or did not know.
8% (n=19) of BBM students disagreed with the statement, 'It is easy to identify those who have a mental illness' ([chi square]=30.
Parents disagreed on the need for additional training (Table 3), although the mean did move toward neutral (from 2.
In a survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked how far they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: ?