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Disappointingly, chemicals are covered only as pollutants of air or water or as endocrine active substances.
Wolverhampton's Peter Karlsson, a late replacement for injured Coventry star Andreas Jonsson, disappointingly went out early after running two last places.
The voices of the slaves themselves disappointingly are muted relative to those of their oppressors, despite the author's many efforts to tease them out of documentation that is heavily biased in favour of the slavers.
Disappointingly, the book ends at this juncture leaving much about Ilyasah and her family unanswered.
The entries for President Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara are disappointingly sketchy, and little larger than the space allotted to lesser figures.
Some of the more mean-spirited long-time IMF hands suggest the former Clinton official was aggressively interviewing on Wall Street before disappointingly coming to the IMF (though some add that he would find any private sector opportunity rather mundane after the dazzling Rubin-Summers Treasury years.
I guess I must have as I too noticed the disappointingly small audience and dreadful Ure/Nova duet.
It is an interesting subject but the book is disappointingly vague in its analysis and could have used more editing.
Finally, however, Duncan's emphasis on narrative technique serves more as an organizational strategy than as a critical methodology, and his readings of the major stories are disappointingly thin.
co-production The Claim, Clement Virgo's Love Come Down, Renny Bartlett's Eisenstein, and, perhaps most disappointingly, Lea Pool's Lost and Delirious -- failed to cause much of a stir at all.
Veterans are disappointingly blase regarding the take-over of the Canadian Forces (and Public Service) superannuating funds by the Chretien government.