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However, they were much in the wrong, since they had the advantage, that they did not disarm them effectually, as they might have done, and have gone immediately to the Spaniards, and given them an account how the rogues had treated them; for the three villains studied nothing but revenge, and every day gave them some intimation that they did so.
One always fears that the platform may sink under the weight of youthful platitudes uttered on such occasions; yet one can never be properly critical, because the sight of the boys and girls themselves, those young and hopeful makers of to-morrow, disarms one's scorn.
Of a sort which may expose her to discovery--unless she disarms suspicion at the outset.
Sources in the Rwandan government told KT Press that MONUSCO is downplaying the process for the rebels to peacefully disarm.
It is not required to disarm the Palestinian people, but rather to disarm the (Israeli) occupation and to ban the American administration from providing it with the weapons that are used to kill children and women," Abu Zuhri said.
Pressure to disarm the former rebels has mounted after local media reported several skirmishes between militia factions in Tripoli, with some resulting in casualties.
He says his government, in charge during an eight-month transition, would only disarm fighters once they can be offered alternatives, including jobs.
The Times also reported that Maliki has "postponed any action on a new law to disarm and demobilize the militias" and that he has "on at least one occasion .
Nearly half (47%) say that while they agree with the proviso to disarm Hezbollah's fighters, they would then like to see them integrated into Lebanon's national army.
auspices, have renewed a drive to disarm tribesmen who keep guns to protect their herds against predatory neighbors.
Secretary General Kofi Annan stressed that the international peacekeeping forces "were not going there to disarm Hezbollah.