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requests can be mitigated by lexical and syntactic downgraders, such as "I was wondering if you could" and "Do you think you could," as well as supportive moves, like disarmers (e.
A single DISARMER digital receiver may replace multiple pieces of equipment, enable field reconfiguration and reduce the size, weight, power and cost of both military and commercial radio systems.
Edmonson (1981) identifies certain functions of but such as interactional countering but, topic resumption but, concession but, and but after disarmers which are typical of spoken discourse but inappropriate for academic writing.
Lovers of freedom, lovers of social justice, disarmers, peacekeepers, civil disobeyers, democrats, civil rights activists, and defenders of the environment are legions in a single multiform cause.
Nationalists and nuclear disarmers had already taken issue with NATO's then-retiring Supreme Commander General Lauris Norstad's remarks that Canada was not honouring its commitments with the Alliance.
Threatening nuclear annihilation was not a kind of "peace" that the peace movement and nuclear disarmers sought.
271) If this disarmament too was never claimed to be a violation of the right to keep and bear arms by either the disarmers or the disarmed, how can anyone assert there is a historical connection?
CORRECTION: The disarmers of the Brady group no doubt are also offended by the rhetoric of past extremists such as Thomas Jefferson, who said that "No flee man shall be debarred the use of arms," and Patrick Henry, who maintained that "The great object is that every man be armed.