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A spirit of empathy suffuses "Southside With You," a soulful and disarmingly romantic snapshot of the fateful first date of a young Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) and Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) on a summer day in 1989 Chicago, long before either guessed they'd someday be president and first lady of the United States.
HOW coincidental the Liverpool ECHO published a letter from someone who wrote so disarmingly about Her Majesty The Queen (March 27).
Hartnett manages to be at once direct and disarmingly simple; deeply complex, poetic and subtle.
SPEAK as you find", my mum always said - and I have to say I've always found Katie Price disarmingly honest and very likeable whenever I've met her.
Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack's taunting, teasing rhythms beneath Wasner's bewitching alto offer up some disarmingly beautiful music--with an unmistakable edge.
The Oxford band are no fools as they set off in simple fashion before descending into helter skelter guitar pop that'll leave you disarmingly disorientated.
Thong has done her research, but the book is an effortless read, and the illustrations are disarmingly simple, foregrounding the heart of the story.
THE VERDICT Sunshine Cleaning is a disarmingly clever black comedy.
The programme is irresistibly interspersed by Worcester comedian Barry North, who turns up in various guises and dips disarmingly into drag while the audience - among whom he has developed a cult following - bays for more.
Disarmingly modest, Ritter seems to be an artist who genuinely relishes playing live.
CELEBS FOR KIDS: A bespectacled and disarmingly disheveled Johnny Depp appeared truly humbled when he was honored for his philanthropic contributions at the second annual Noche de Ninos Gala last weekend.