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Martin Moran performs his disarmingly candid and moving memoir about his childhood, the tale of a complex and transgressive sexual relationship.
With his comedic reading, Sullivan is disarmingly charming.
Like Feynman himself, the diagrams he created are both disarmingly straightforward and subtly complex, says longtime Feynman colleague and friend Barry C.
Painting with leaves is a fun activity to share with children of all ages, and the method is disarmingly simple: take a leaf, and then paint it with watercolor.
Also included are songs by Schumann, Schubert, Brahms, Faure, Duparc, Ravel and Roussel, including a disarmingly cheeky account of Poulenc's "Les gars qui vont a la fete" (from Chansons Villageoises).
Not one to inflate himself or his research with hyperbolic pronouncements, Randy is nevertheless disarmingly quick-witted.
As the publisher's note says, grace is a disarmingly familiar word, yet a stubbornly difficult idea to understand fully.
I hear you enquire in that disarmingly simple voice of yours.
As well as being an outstanding role model and disarmingly modest, Zola is still simply thrilled to be earning money from something he adores doing.
But her disarmingly charming manner and bubbly spirit belie a wealth of knowledge and a Rolodex full of contacts acquired in her 16 years owning a black bookstore in Denver.
But as eloquent and disarmingly honest as he is, Frazier is caught in a trap.
Yet it was a disarmingly temperate recklessness; Monica Lewinsky would be allowed to wield the presidential gavel but not beyond the confines of the presidential definition.