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The new materials for restoration and repair must have high resistance and stability against environmental actions; however, in many cases they can disarrange the inner environment of masonry: moisture migration, transport mechanisms of gas, liquid and ions and other processes, thereby they can deteriorate or even completely destroy the rehabilitated structure.
Out of "a natural anxiety to keep [them] as versatile as possible, not pinned down exclusively to one interpretation," DeLillo proceeded to disarrange the system that Dewey had constructed (1957, 102).
Let us smear our faces with coal, disarrange our hair.
To reading add new symbol and disarrange, developing it till it offers new sign(s).
It is necessary for things to disarrange you," wrote Ponge.
I have not looked further because I did not want to disarrange anything until you got here.
But he's also, like any such tortured literary character from Ahab to Winston Smith, hostage to his own saving plan of action--that "commanding vision" allowing him to arrange and disarrange events according to his own holy ground "perilously close to the abyss.
The house IS very clean, but I am fed up getting screamed at if I drop a crumb on the carpet, crease the bedspread or disarrange the cushions.