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6) 'Reconstructing a Disarranged Manuscript: The Case of MS Harley 913, a Medieval Hiberno-English Miscellany', Scriptorium, 14 (1990), 286-99.
To tackle the cleaning of the public rooms are the day porters who look after the corridors and lounges and ensure that whatever the customer leaves untidy or disarranged is speedily returned to perfection.
The film-like movement of his eye, as camera, over details of the disarranged scene, "a dog-collar lying unstrapped, ash trodden into a rug, a girl's gloves" (CS 465) recalls Elizabeth Bowen's own sense of the "affinities" between the modern short story and the cinema (Collected Impressions 38).
As she lay on waste ground at Pendarvis Terrace, a fairly busy thoroughfare between Aberavon and nearby Sandfields, it is thought the killer was disturbed, though Maureen's clothes had been disarranged.
The second and last lines are rarely displaced, and the first never: these are the lines which are least likely to be disarranged when the text is recalled stanza by stanza.
This is not "just language" (no such remarkable description as that of a man as "a parade with a gift" could be that), but descriptive language arranged and disarranged in such a way as to keep the feelings and ideas fixed in it, fresh and sharp, every time the passage is read.
In contrast to the Growth and Discovery context in which participants were actively seeking change, the world of the Life Transition context was experienced as involuntarily dislocated or disarranged in a personally significant way such as a marriage that "was almost unbearable".
The final scene of one of the stories, "Camera obscura," leads to the center of what Hermann wants to reveal: the self-centered mirror world, the disarranged, fractured, artificial life of producers, opinion makers, spin doctors.
early, and her hair disarranged, the strength she'd promised last
There is also the famous story about how Wang Can (177-217) could memorize all moves made by two weiqi players and restore the arrangement of the board after it had been accidentally disarranged.
His Titania (Amanda Harris), all disarranged hair and lustreless costume, reminded me of a character in Footballers' Wives .
Marian's grandmother's toy German schoolroom, though (perhaps appropriately) disarranged, evokes not only the connection between grandmother and granddaughter but between a historic before and after, demarked by immigration and identity shifts.