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The manner in which the Comelec commissioner has been relentlessly and recklessly assailing its own contracted provider even before the investigation she is proposing has been commenced, only projects a disarranged management of electoral processes which benefits no one, much less the Comelec itself, Brillantes said.
monodon) are mostly disarranged and disrupted; the compressed hepatopancreas tubules are also reported by [2].
His rusticus tore the hair and bruised the cheeks of his wife as he raped her, whereas his lover tore the clothing and disarranged the hair of his puella as part of foreplay, but he did not harm her physically.
Although the material of this section may appear a little bit disarranged (probably because of its wide-ranging design), on the whole, Iglesias's analysis is exhaustive and all-inclusive.
New regulations are still disarranged and public finances tend to fill the gaps in army businesses.
If a similar strategy appears to inform Cornaro's vitrines, which freeze objects into aestheticized stasis, the ultimate fate of her tableaux, disarranged in these colorless masses, suggests a flux that is always at least potentially poised to shift things from one context to another--or even to liquidate things entirely.
SMCs of the media adjacent to intima lesion were disarranged and proliferated, indicating SMCs migration [Figure 1]c.
They have disarranged natural ecosystems, destroyed jungles, ruined soil, wild plants and life in order to supply their needs and create widespread farms and more exploitation.
Embedded in a discussion of culture is the school's climate; words such as open and inviting or unapproachable and aloof, calm or turbulent, organized or disarranged, come to mind.
Lena does not want her drawing room disarranged (the packing takes place there) and Miss Pye is enjoying a sort of nervous breakdown in the servant's house, Bolshevism having spread from Potterton's to Limpsfield [where Lena Ashwell lived]; this is not entirely true, it is not Bolshevism yet, but non recovery from X-mas holidays and the Flue [sic] which is flourishing despite the neglect of the press.
With denationalisation the united spatial composition of the districts was disarranged and legal basis for possible new construction in the non-built areas (i.
Sindh Minister expressed his views that behind industrial developments, disarranged constructions, encroachments, negative relevant authorities and lack of appropriate policies have pressed the situation from bad to worst.