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Showalter's insistence on removing the uterus from the scene of hysteria while leaving hysteria intact raises an important question: is it more "dangerous" for feminism to embrace hysteria, as so many foundational texts of feminist theory do, and insist on its historical function as an index of oppression based on women understood with reference to reproductivity or to disarticulate hysteria from the womb and thus from femininity, as Showalter and the APA in 1980 both undertake to do?
The ideological process of this narration disarticulates and articulates conjunctural meaning, transfers, as well as constructs all the processes, thereby, "producing a different meaning: breaking the chain in which it is currently fixed" (Hall 1990: 9).
The seeds fall from the megastrobilus when it disarticulates,
Rather, like Cain, Wool-rich, and other notable noir practitioners, she pares her prose and disarticulates her sentences to such a degree that readers are forced into an active engagement with the text.
To disarticulate a concept historically associated with counter-hegemonic movements and rearticulate it to the hegemonic discourse is difficult.
Hammill aims to disarticulate sexuality from representation and identity both, the better to place it at the center of cultural production, as a motive and alibi, as minor subjectivity and conjuration of the body.
The software enables operators to disarticulate the anatomy, visually slicing away tissue to view solid bone -- with just the click of a mouse.
As if to further disarticulate the usual figure-ground relationship, she'll often title her photos by rattling off some of their ingredients.
To simulate a traumatic ossicular disarticulation, a grade I perforation was made in the posterosuperior quadrant of the tympanic membrane, which allowed for the introduction of an instrument to disarticulate the ossicular chain.
The artifacts are incorporated into complex apparatuses that, in defiance of the immersive character of installation art, just as often obscure or disarticulate the assembled materials as they render them visible or legible.
Yet the careful investigation of the interplay of figure and ground, oscillating so as to disarticulate spatial certainty, emerged in this context as a sad nostalgic indulgence.