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Dead reefs were identified based on the following criteria: bright white reflection due to bleached, disarticulated shells that were continuously exposed, even at high tide.
8 mm, disarticulated and coated for SEM analysis (MZB 49752); 1 specimen, length 4.
Unrobed tombs with disarticulated skeletons strongly indicate tomb reuse at this time period.
Though now disarticulated, the molars and co-occurring filter plates and other armatures are likely to have constituted a single complex feeding apparatus in life.
In their own expression of inscape, they are erased and disarticulated by the radical interruption of divine activity.
The humeri were disarticulated, and all muscle and soft tissue attachments, except for rotator cuff tendons, were detached; the cuff tendons being detached at their scapular origins.
The trouble with late-Victorian masochistic fantasy, Kucich explains, is that it "exploits a disarticulated middleclass social consciousness" and gives it new form; it is not a fixed expression of social relations so much as equipment designed to generate social discourse (84).
The wing was disarticulated at the shoulder, and the weight of the entire wing was recorded by using a precision scale.
In many ecological and paleontological instances, the disarticulated nature of the specimens collected makes it virtually impossible to determine sex.
He added: "The remains were disarticulated, which means that it is not a complete skeleton.
As at Rancho La Brea, most of the vertebrate fossils from Inciarte show up as disarticulated bones.
In chapter 4 Munro, attempting to clarify the excessiveness he attributes to the crowd, employs the idea of a rhizomatic system (borrowed from Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari) to describe "the crowded city [as] both inarticulate and disarticulated, distracted, dismembered--if a body at all, a body without organs" (141).