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Fragments from one left coxae and a left and a right femur recovered from Cairn K, all possibly from the same individual, displayed multiple cut marks that are consistent with an intentional disarticulation of the hip joints.
To our knowledge, this is the first report of disarticulation of the stifle joint as a method of pelvic limb amputation in birds.
Taphonomy of marine skeletal organisms involves biological, chemical and mechanical processes that led to abrasion, bioerosion, disarticulation, dissolution, encrustation, fragmentation, precipitation, orientation, and sorting (Nielsen, 2004; El-Gendy et al.
Despite the disarticulation between services and levels of care in healthcare and social assistance, the teamwork, according to professionals, is operated in a multi-disciplinary manner instead of an interdisciplinary way.
Our aim is to make a contribution to the literature on collaborative arrangements among micro and small enterprises, specifically in the wearing apparel sector, by identifying the factors that lead to disarticulation and lack of cooperation among the participants in the Tobias Barreto LPA.
The new category is referred to as "transfemoral/hip disarticulation.
The present report emphasizes the consideration of soft-tissue calcification in the differential diagnosis of medial knee or lower thigh pain following knee disarticulation, apart from other well-known causes of post-amputation pain.
5 HILL OF FREEDOM (Hong Sang-soo) The latest of the director's time-twisting comedies of social discomfort and linguistic disarticulation turns a Seoul guesthouse into a refuge for hapless interlopers.
The definitive surgeries in our study mostly consisted of limb disarticulation and limb amputations and less limb conservation.
The patient underwent emergent right hip disarticulation for necrotizing fasciitis.
Treatment of mandibular ameloblastomas includes conservative measures such as marsupialization, enucleation and curettage; and radical treatments such as disarticulation, or marginal and segmental resection.
This entails openness to grappling with the unanswerable questions that are inherent in the faith, what Kathryn Tanner calls "engagement as disarticulation.