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Postmortem dissections were performed on each ear under a microscope to confirm the perilymph fistulas and ossicular disarticulations.
Five additional ears provided DPOAE data concerning traumatic perilymph fistulas, and four ears provided DPOAE data on ossicular disarticulations.
Training for a patient with shoulder disarticulation.
Case report: Occupational therapy with a traumatic bilateral shoulder disarticulation amputee.
In an attempt to allow users with a shoulder disarticulation to control a prosthesis with less effort, prosthetists may use externally powered components or combinations of body-powered and externally powered components (hybrid prostheses).
Subjects with externally powered shoulder disarticulation prostheses need to control multiple motors and would benefit substantially from control sources that allow precise, simultaneous control.
4 Amputation Reason, % (n) PVD 67 (90) 82 (75) Cancer 13 (18) 10 (9) Trauma or CRPS I 19 (26) 8 (7) Amputation Level, % (n) Proximal Amputation 30 (40) 37 (34) Knee Disarticulation 15 (20) 13 (12) Distal Amputation 55 (74) 50 (45) Overall Survival, % (n) 73 (98) 63 (57) Significance Between Participants & Variable Nonparticipants (p-value) Sex, % (n) 0.
Service members with upper-limb amputations were categorized as having partial hand, transradial, transhumeral, and shoulder disarticulation amputations.
The survey assessed relevant clinical information such as level of amputation (including toes, foot, ankle, transtibial, knee disarticulation, transfemoral, hip disarticulation, hemipelvectomy, or "Other" for LLAs and fingers, partial hand, wrist disarticulation, transradial, elbow disarticulation, transhumeral, shoulder, or forequarter for ULAs), time since amputation, and etiology of amputation.