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We had applied in this paper a set of simulation techniques used to optimize the assemble disassemble architectures by improving the discrete material flow management.
The disadvantage of a screen changer is that it increases the compound volume between the screen and the head and makes it more difficult to change compounds and disassemble the head.
BAE Systems will induct and disassemble the vehicles, repair and paint the hulls, overhaul or acquire the majority of the components, and deliver the material and assembled components for the ANAD production line.
The company operates a certified Cleanroom where specially suited technicians disassemble and reassemble damaged hard drives.
They don protective clothing, test for toxins like phosphine gas that the meth manufacturing process creates, then disassemble the lab.
It also expands job opportunities for people with disabilities or vocational disadvantages as they train to refurbish and disassemble electronic equipment for resale, recycling or proper disposal.
Los Angeles County health department hazardous materials experts and the North County Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Task Force were called in to assist in the investigation and to help disassemble and clean up the lab.
The distinct features of HarvestRoad Hive(R) include its independence, flexible permission and workflow layers, extensible meta-data functionality, digital management of copyright and the ability to rapidly assemble and disassemble content all through the implementation of essential industry standards.
They called the Los Angeles County Health Department hazardous materials unit and the North County Clandestine Meth Lab Task Force to disassemble the lab and remove its flammable chemicals.
The EXP-1000 HD AMP KIT TA is the first version of the EXP (expandable electrical diagnostic platform) to include a Midtronics patented conductance "pack test" for performing safe, fast and simple preventative maintenance service on multiple battery systems without having to disassemble the battery pack.
The technology can detect damage in second layer materials, in some cases removing the need to disassemble components.
It runs so clean that when we disassemble and inspect the engine after a test it is spotless inside .