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Therefore we declare unequivocally that the Jewish people disassociates itself from these despicable acts.
Why do we feel outraged when the Jews are asked to disassociate themselves from Zionism and there is no indignation by the fact that the Muslims are asked to disassociate themselves from terrorism?
The commission has been appointed, and that I should disassociate from the procedure as stated.
On 3 August of last year, he insisted that Lebanon disassociate itself from the vote on the Security Council statement that condemned "wide-scale human rights violations committed by the Syrian authorities against civilians.
If Lebanon disassociated itself from the statement, despite international unanimity, it better disassociate itself from all Arab, regional and international conflicts that are likely to trigger internal divisions in Lebanon.
So will he now disassociate himself from his party's policy on our air link and defend a valuable Anglesey asset?
But it is impossible to disassociate the dictator from his nation and getting an accurate picture of life in the troubled country has always proven impossible.
On the other hand, the Albanians should calm down, accept the gesture of apology and disassociate themselves from the bellicose statements and provocation.
But I've been removed from the club long enough to disassociate myself from the heart-strings if you like.
General Assembly on Friday approved by consensus a resolution condemning any denial of the Holocaust, with Iran being the only nation to disassociate itself from the decision.
Applications for these helpful psychological techniques range from learning to disassociate from substance abuser behavior patterns to improving communication in family or intimate relationships.