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The clinical application of mobile technology to disaster medicine.
Some of the team members had no idea what to expect but McKinley helped in the 2010 Haiti earthquake relief efforts and had experience with disaster medicine.
Published in the February issue of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, the study also found that first responders do not appear to have a higher prevalence of mental disorders than workers in other occupations.
Head, Disaster Medicine, Western Cape Department of Health and Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University
This second edition features new chapters on areas such as disaster medicine, military medicine, and personality tests.
Geoffrey Simmons, MD, a physician with specialized training in internal medicine and disaster medicine, and a CERT Regional Trainer, has written a very useful manual, Common Sense and Disaster Preparedness: A Quick Guide For Staying Safe Before, During and After Any Disaster.
Disaster medicine and relief efforts go beyond dropping food parcels, treating patients for 2 weeks and then returning home.
The event will feature six pre-conference workshops followed by a three-day summit with three tracks covering Intensive Care, Cardiovascular, Disaster Medicine, Pediatric Emergencies, Trauma, Sepsis and Ultrasound.
The sub-specialties will include disaster medicine, trauma resuscitation, paediatric emergency, emergency ultrasound, pre-hospital mobile unit, toxicology and poisoning unit, critical care and observation medicine.
Medical Professor Anthony Redmond receives an honorary doctorate of science in recognition of his contribution to disaster medicine.

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