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Azad said, "The impacts of demonetisation and GST on India have been disastrous.
Sebelius' leadership at HHS was also disastrous, and harmed administration efforts to implement an unpopular law.
According to the statement , the National Coalition announces that the city of Fallujah, a disastrous city , and will send immediate delegations to both the United Nations and the Organization of the Red Crescent to provide necessary humanitarian aid to the displaced families after the failure of the governmental services to do that .
This has two results - police are unaware of the scale of the problem and can do little about it, and also all manner of data held by the targeted companies is no longer secure, with potentially disastrous effects for all concerned.
BEIRUT: Lebanon could potentially mitigate the disastrous impacts of climate change on food resources by exploiting the near relatives of crop species that are already cultivated, experts and policymakers said Monday.
But a 5-1 thrashing to Euro play-off Bala Town was a sorry end to a disastrous campaign that could end in further misery at the High Court today.
CIPS chief executive David Noble said a repeat of the previous month's performance would have been unthinkable: "We can take consolation from August's figures in that they were less bad than the disastrous month before.
CIPS chief executive David Noble said: "We can take consolation from August's figures in that they were less bad than the disastrous month before.
Summary: Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Saturday his People of Freedom (PDL) party firmly opposed Italy leaving the euro and believed such a policy would be disastrous.
Especially as the institute's study has also concluded that Mr Balls's Plan B would be disastrous for the British economy, and that all Western economies need drastic fiscal and tax reform if they are to overcome sovereign debt crises.
The visitors came out on top in an eight goal thriller and Farningham said: "Our defence was disastrous.
CAIRO (TAP) - The head of the Arab League warned Saturday that the failure of an Arab-brokered plan to end the violence in Syria would have disastrous consequences, as new bloodshed fueled skepticism that the country's autocratic regime is serious about halting its crackdown on dissenters.