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He has repeated and reinforced a heterosexist framework, and through disavowal has parodied melancholia as a radical and critical undoing of self.
Moll thus serves as a site of disavowal that both registers and denies the loss of material guarantees.
At times, though, the disavowal of recent developments in the analysis of Victorian poetry and the
Summers speculates that a preoccupied Blaine may have heard "Mormonism" instead of "Romanism," thus explaining his delayed disavowal of the slur.
Full of postmodern irony, and copied from a Canadian campaign for the Molson Brewery, the advertisement begins with an apparent disavowal of the conventional myths of Australia.
Therefore, like Roper, she has recourse to psychoanalytic concepts that many historians still find unacceptable (fantasy, sublimation, disavowal, `splitting', the return of the repressed) in order to explain the complex phenomena she uncovers.
It is her position, based on references to Aristotle, Habermas, Montesquieu, and others, "that the disavowal of the universality of humanity accompanied by the enthronement of specificity diminishes the critical-humanist capacities of the hermeneutics model--the subject as text.
Ochil MP Martin O'Neill asked Blair: "Are you aware of the distaste, embarrassment and resentment of the people of Scotland at the disavowal by the SNP leader of the UK involvement in the defence of the people of Kosovo?
Early work by Davis (1961) concerning the impact of visible disabilities portrayed deviance disavowal as one strategy to manage strained interactions with others.
Cardinal Lienart wanted that disavowal included in the conciliar declaration on the Jews.
Yet one must wonder why the work Laura Riding accomplished after her disavowal of poetry has of late been so poorly represented.
Having established that these organizations are illegitimate, alien, incompatible with traditional Iraqi values and mores, detrimental to Iraqi interests and at variance with Islamic creed, his disavowal of them is, therefore, understandable.