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The news was broken to the representatives yesterday in an email from Rangers Fans Board secretary Gary Gillan which read: "Hi team, I received an email from Derek Llambias this morning that simply stated: 'I'm going to disband the fan board, if I'm still here after the EGM revisit the whole thing.
Allesley Scout Group's Beaver colony could disband if a new leader is not found
The power-sharing administration in Belfast was plunged into crisis last week when David Trimble's UUP threatened to quit the executive if the IRA does not disband by January.
Zine was pleased that the group won't disband, saying, ``We have growing pains with neighborhood councils, and we're going to have to respond to those as they come up.
At the same time, the IRA called on the dissident Real IRA to disband, saying the Omagh atrocity had "undoubtedly" damaged the republican struggle for Irish independence.
But as the Government weighed up its options, there was increasin g pressure on the republican leadership last night to take another historic step and disband the IRA.
The Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) plans to recommend that certain brokerage houses disband and liquidate assets unless they can clear a new requirement that they put a stringent partition between their own assets and customers' assets for management, industry sources said Tuesday.
LABOUR leader Pat Rabbitte said yesterday that failure by the IRA to fully disband must be totally rejected by the Irish and British Governments.
Samuel has launched a legal action against the Welsh Rugby Union after maintaining claims they reneged on promises not to disband the Warriors when he sold them his 50 per cent share in the region last May.
Yesterday, Iran's Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said his ministry could identify and disband the CIA spy network through public cooperation.
The association plans to disband and will mark its final meeting on September 21 with a farewell service at Pengam Green.
When I first broke the story eight weeks ago to the press, I said the Government was intending to hand out large redundancies to the home battalions that would effectively disband the RIR in the Province.