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Yes, town councils need to engage more with local people, but to disband them is a negative step.
YOU'RE FIRED Llambias, right, has moved to disband the Rangers Fans Board
There had been a strong campaign run by veteran fusiliers angry over the Government decision to disband 2RRF, which is one of the best recruited regiments in the country.
Verdict whether to disband Muslim Brotherhood Association on Monday
Hanna Eisa, a Palestinian expert in international law, said that President Abbas will not disband the PNA in a unilateral method and will not address this issue unless he reaches a conclusion that the diplomatic process has truly reached a deadlock.
GROUPS representing clerical abuse victims must disband after they receive compensation, a victim of one of Ireland's worse paedophiles claims.
A CONTROVERSIAL mounted police unit will cost pounds 132,000 to disband.
Thailand's Constitutional Court on Friday received a petition filed by public prosecutors to disband the ruling People Power Party on grounds that one of its executive members was convicted of vote-buying ahead of last December's election that brought the party to power.
Paul Bremer argues that his decision to disband the Iraq Army in May 2003 was carefully considered by top officials in the American government and was, quote, not controversial.
UEFA president Michel Platini has called on the elite clubs' group G14 to disband and drop its lawsuits claiming compensation for players injured on international duty.
The Guardian newspaper reports today that ministers have begun on proposals to disband the SFO, merging its operations with other agencies.
5 selectmen's meeting, a library trustee said the Friends of the Merrick Public Library would disband if that policy were put into place.