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Another point that arises out is the rationale behind disbanding the team just when there is talk of bidding for the u- 17 World Cup and raising the profile of the sports.
In the event of disbanding the PNA, Eisa explained, all the responsibilities would automatically be shifted to Israel.
Over the weekend, 11 people were killed in unrest in Libya, as mobs angered by the killing of the US Ambassador, continued to protests and demonstrate, calling for the disbanding of armed militia groups.
Ansar al-Sharia announced it was disbanding after being driven out of Benghazi.
The sources cited by AS SAFIR wondered whether this process would start by disbanding Fatah's military units including the security apparatus in Ein al-Hilweh known as Kifah al-Moussalah (Armed Struggle) which is tasked with taking care of security inside the refugee camps.
KABUL (PAN): ISAF and the US Embassy are assisting the Ministry of Interior to set up an Afghan force to take over from private security firms after an assessment that the planned disbanding of the firms is unlikely to be met in March, officials said on Wednesday.
If Christine Buckley is serious about helping survivors move on, she will also commit to disbanding these groups once compensation has been distributed.
The Huddersfield Stroke Club has supported stroke services in Huddersfield for more than 25 years, before disbanding last year.
Reynolds said disbanding was an option the group would consider.
Mr Reid, criticised for police disbanding the squad, said: "I think most people recognise that we put enormous efforts into this but it isn't possible always to accomplish 100 per cent of everything.
Publishing a special report on women in prison, Ms Owers said: "We know that the majority are primary carers of children, and many will lose their homes during imprisonment, so disbanding the central management of women's prisons has caused concern.
A change in FedNor's trade export strategy for Northern Ontario has resulted in the regional development agency disbanding its Team Northern Ontario (TNO) network and laying off their trade advisors.