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He also acted badly by concerning himself with the active army and disbanding the Semenov regiment.
The voices of Edna's disbanding guests jarred like a discordant note upon the quiet harmony of the night.
Up went the sun at last out of a bank of clouds that were already disbanding in the east; a herald wind had already sprung up to sweep the leafy earth and scatter the congregated dewdrops.
But in ancient times, the trophies erected upon the place of the victory; the funeral laudatives and monuments for those that died in the wars; the crowns and garlands personal; the style of emperor, which the great kings of the world after borrowed; the triumphs of the generals, upon their return; the great donatives and largesses, upon the disbanding of the armies; were things able to inflame all men's courages.
Nevertheless, it is prudent to assume that this study does not account for the unobserved, pre-1946 organizational changes and disbandings.
The baseline model of winery disbanding rates include covarities such as organizational size, age, number of prior foundings, number of prior disbandings, and level of wine consumption.
In this simple model with interactive effects (number of firm-year spells = 9,551; number of disbandings = 372; chi square = 75.
We then examined the joint effects of organizational characteristics and of organizational change on the probability of disbanding to see if either predicted organizational disbanding.
But ecologists have accumulated evidence to the effect that young organizations tend to suffer high disbanding rates (Carroll, 1983; Freeman, Carroll, and Hannan, 1983; Hannan and Freeman, 1989: 178-192).
In this context, organizational disbanding is simply the ultimate stage of unpreparedness.
We tested this formulation in the second part of our study, in which we used the probability of disbanding as the dependent variable.
Hypothesis 1: Organizational change affects the likelihood of a winery disbanding differentially in the short run and in the long run.