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BACK TO HIS ROOTS Oscar-nominated Mike Figgis will screen his latest film, Suspension of Disbelief, at the Tyneside Cinema, below
Song Of The Crow carries readers through an incredibly engaging and superbly crafted story of struggle, fear, free will, the inner workings of the human mind, and the obedience of an old gray haired man to the commandment of his God despite the ridicule and disbelief of his community.
The idea of a liberal Christian third way between conservative orthodoxy and secular disbelief retains its original relevance.
Readers who believe in the power of voodoo or are willing to suspend their own disbelief will be rewarded with an engrossing, intense read.
VINCE FERRAGAMO, former Los Angeles Rams quarterback, on his late coach, Ray Malavasi: "He never relinquishes my disbelief.
Disbelief Clr Ken Sims (right) and part of the busy Leeds Road with its cycle lane
agricultural industry watched in disbelief as hurricanes Katrina and Rita attacked the Gulf Coast.
The surprisingly comprehensive text includes a section on superhero bloopers: the few instances where even a suspension of disbelief isn't enough to make a character's feats consistent with what is possible in the physical world.
Your article and scurrilous cartoon impugning the integrity of our armed services left me reeling in disbelief.
Name: HORACE PINFOLD Age: 79 From: Birmingham Celebrated: Bremen, GermanyMY recollection of VE Day was of joy, sorrow and disbelief.
I considered whether these books adequately get at the reasons for this soldier's disbelief.
My partner and I happened to be visiting Toronto on November 3, watching with disbelief as the election results came in.