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The team s earlier work has shown that feeling disbelieved can lead to increased anger and stress and that this is much more powerful than positive reinforcement.
The committee specifically disbelieved that he had used my apartment to run a prostitution ring and dismissed that accusation.
The first was in regard to a feeling of being ignored or disbelieved in this illness while the second was in reply to this letter informing the sender of Action for ME.
They marveled at pieces in which you could easily make out bark, knotholes, even trunk rings, then packed them up and hauled them off - undoubtedly because they felt their tales would be disbelieved without tangible evidence.
Most of the time, regrettably, this perspective is hidden from human eyes and forgotten--or worse, disbelieved outright.
Michael Roberts, Weitz & Luxenberg trial team attorney said, "The jury obviously disbelieved Chrysler's bogus litigation-defense that working with asbestos brakes is safe.
As the investigations continue, questions must be asked about why Savile's victims felt unable to speak out or were disbelieved if they did.
But Urea Thurman is fun as the hiking queen (I told you she was always game) and the lesbian-feminist-laden ranch in Oregon has to be seen to be disbelieved.
THE Australian police chief investigating the disappearance of Briton Peter Falconio today defended the missing man's girlfriend whose story has been disbelieved by some sections of the media.
The jury disregarded and disbelieved that there was a love triangle or affair,'' Jonas said.
Miss X did not go to police at the time for fear of being disbelieved.
I never said whether I believed or disbelieved him.