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We did not desire to disbelieve these statements, and yet we could not feel certain that they were correct-- partly because we could have broken that chain, and so could St.
You don't seem to know whether you believe or disbelieve,' she says.
Thomas Fuller, who wrote the book in which this story is found, was only a boy of ten when Raleigh died, so he could not have known the great man himself, but he must have heard many stories about him from those who had, and we need not disbelieve this one.
Will they disbelieve us, when we tell them that no State can be happy which is not designed by artists who imitate the heavenly pattern?
Alice wondered a little at this, but she was too much in awe of the Queen to disbelieve it.
The terms honourable, noble, and worthy gentleman, resounded through the room; nay, my landlord himself began to have a better opinion of him, and almost to disbelieve the account which the guide had given.
We can DISBELIEVE the image-proposition expressed by "the window to the left of the door," and our disbelief will be true if the window is not to the left of the door.
One cannot disbelieve facts, Darya Alexandrovna," said he, with an emphasis on the word "facts.