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To quote Harold Bloom, "I read one of the most eloquent descriptive passages in the language; I stare, disbelievingly, at an inadequate engraved illumination, and then I try, too strenuously, to isolate an image that Blake, as a poet, knew better than to isolate.
Lil shakes her head, disbelievingly, but Eileen is hooked already, crawls as far forward as she can, so she can hear.
Forced to look on almost disbelievingly as all his good work was undone by shoddy defending.
Paxman blinked disbelievingly, and applied his famed condescension: "well, it's a point of view, anyway".
Others stared disbelievingly into space in this unofficial HQ for those who couldn't make it into the stadium.
Lyte, once ranked in tennis's top 500 until injury wrecked her playing days, looked straight ahead disbelievingly as the verdicts were read out.
The rest of the globe's cricketing fraternity will blink disbelievingly at how one of the worst sides in the tournament can beat the No.
Imagine my surprise then when, bounding into the living room, I focused disbelievingly on the score.
For while Charl-ton's opportunism was admirable, Benitez will ponder for many a day just how his side managed to turn dominance into defeat in such a disbelievingly rapid fashion.
Inset: Saints' boss Ian Millward and injured skipper Paul Sculthorpe watch disbelievingly from the stand Pictures: DAVE KENDALL