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These remittance companies collectively form an important cog in the wheel of the WPS machinery, managing salary disbursals to a large pool of the migrant labour force, estimated at $7.
This is apart from the camp site salary disbursal and remittance services offered for the convenience of the employees.
Increase in real estate prices in Ahmedabad and other parts of the state could be one of the reasons for the rise in loan disbursals.
Disbursals this year alone expected to touch Dh1 billion, a senior executive of the bank's Islamic finance and banking arm said yesterday.
Further study indicates that these are industries with a larger scope of operation and investment size, which would explain why a relatively small number of disbursals could affect the overall average.
At present, OfBusiness has built a strong base across the key industries including manufacturing (auto, power, engineering, capital goods, solar) and infrastructure with monthly disbursals worth Rs.
Through this action, the RBI has put several restrictions on the bank, including on fresh loan extensions and dividend disbursals to the shareholders of the bank.
This could be because during these years the credit policy of the bank might have changed due to the financial crisis in 2008-09 that hit many banks and financial institutions, forcing them to be more cautious with credit disbursals," says Sanjay Patel of Equifax.
33 million for the year ending 2010, following a successful year of operations that saw new business disbursals increase by 91 per cent and net investment in finance leases grew 16.
com the biggest aggregator in Loan space has touched loan disbursals of 100 crs of loans through its network of Banks in the month of Nov.
DU), the emirate's largest bank by market capitalisation, has said that total disbursals through the Islamic Finance channel will reach AED3.
Disbursals to "A-" and higher rated clients accounted for 92% of ICICI's total disbursals during the quarter.