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The WPS has built a compliance platform wherein on-time salary disbursals have become mandatory and no violation on this front is tolerated.
A Religare Institutional Research report says that the new norms, especially insistence on PAN and disbursal through cheques, could hurt the segment.
It not only helps the clients with easy salary disbursals, but also with compliance to Wages Protection System (WPS), an award-winning initiative from UAE Ministry of Labour and UAE Central Bank.
Home loan disbursals in Gujarat have zoomed by a whopping 61% in the financial year 2009-10 compared to the recession-hit 2008-09, even though loan accounts have increased by only 13.
DU), the emirate's largest bank by market capitalisation, has said that total disbursals through the Islamic Finance channel will reach AED3.
The figures reveal an unprecedented growth in disbursals of 44% compared to 2006: a total of EUR135 million was disbursed to 266 project partners.
For the period 2001 to 2006, the SBA provided loan guaranties for more than 406,000 loan disbursals totaling more than $82.
In a statement, the Massachusetts Democrat said, "Leaders from WBCs around the country have charged that the application process for grants is arduous with circuitous procedures that result in delayed grant disbursals for qualified centers.
Since Congress had already stated that ESF disbursals were not proper subjects for scrutiny, neither the Senate nor the House of Representatives bothered to hold any hearings in the formative years of the Cold War on the confidential accounts of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.
Frost & Sullivan believes that with the emergence of newer business models to tap bottom of pyramid, NBFCs loan disbursals to MSMEs has grown at a rapid rate from FY 2009 to FY 2011.
IDBI Bank has set a target of doubling its home loans and MSME disbursals in the zone in the next three years and offers multiple products to cater to customers in these two segments.
This could be because during these years the credit policy of the bank might have changed due to the financial crisis in 2008-09 that hit many banks and financial institutions, forcing them to be more cautious with credit disbursals," says Sanjay Patel of Equifax.