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The ability to hire and fire employees, the authority to disburse funds (as distinguished from the authorization to sign checks) and the holding of a corporate office are viewed by all of the circuits above as important indicators of liability for the TFRP.
He said the IMF will disburse the 3 billion dollar portion in three stages, but gave no details.
M-PESA Surepay is also being used by other customers to pay salaries for staff who live in areas that are not covered effectively by financial institutions, and will soon be used to disburse loans to farmers who need to buy inputs.
Paula O'Toole, spokesperson for State Senator Manfred Orhenstein said that when a number of bills were changed during "clean-up" for the new Charter, there was never an agreement forged between the Mayor and Council on who will disburse the funds.
The SMIDB will disburse loans to SMEs with the use of Ks 20 billion.
Amongst specialized banks, ZTBL could disburse only Rs 13.