disbursement of salary

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About the ghost school teachers, the minister informed that the government had introduced biometric system for attendance of teachers and so far 1,43,000 teachers had been registered under this system and now the disbursement of salary of teachers would also be linked with this system.
The saved sum will be used for timely disbursement of salary to the punctual and dedicated staff as well as pension to retired employees and also for development works in the city.
Rly/Howrah On Daily Basis, For Disbursement Of Salary At Various Pay Points Of Howrah Division.
Under the system, employers have to choose one of the financial service providers (registered agents) such as banks, money exchange centers or any other service providers registered and approved by the CBO for disbursement of salary.
The company will start making profit on sustained basis and its dependence on Government of India for financial assistance for disbursement of salary and wages and statutory dues to employees shall cease, and it will come out of the purview of the Board of Industrial and Financial Restructuring (BIFR).
The only reason we can assume for the sacking is our demand to fulfill the requirements as per the work contract, especially disbursement of salary on the 10th of every Hijri month.
RAWALPINDI -- Non disbursement of salary to over 650 Sanitary Patrols (SPs) appointed in anti dengue campaign since the last three months has caused utter embarrassment among them.
The ATM /Debit Card can be utilized for withdrawal of cash, transfer of money, account information and other corporate solutions such as disbursement of salary and social disbursements.
He further told that CDA is ensuring disbursement of salary and pension of this month along with Christmas bonus to Christian employees on December 19, 2013 so that they could celebrate their religious festival with true spirit and enthusiasm.
Now government has been changed and disbursement of salary to these employees has become a problem.
Chowkidars said that they have been issued notices by the owners of the houses to vacate the homes due to non payment of rent by them in the backdrop of non disbursement of salary since the last 18 months.
They appealed to the government to ensure disbursement of salary to them in their upgraded post of sub inspectors.