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Understanding that the closure of the disbursing account would take time, the FMCO enlisted the assistance of the theater FMC and the ARCENT G-8 to be reassigned from USF-I to ARCENT so that it could stay an additional 90 days to close out operations.
17, therefore, the Finance Ministry and the BOJ took the unusual step of asking banks, retailers and railway companies to speed up their introduction of machines capable of disbursing 2,000-yen banknotes and to make a point of using the notes when paying change.
Combining stored-value chip and magnetic strip technology, this new financial system leverages the global banking system to reduce Disbursing Office workload and the need for Sailors and Marines to carry and store cash.
Global Fund policy is to manage grants in a transparent and accountable manner, disbursing funds to recipients based on their demonstrated performance as measured against agreed-on targets.
In 2010, Grisham answered more than 100 e-mails assisting disbursing officers in their duties.
Despite the Supreme Court directive the central government is not disbursing the fund," he added.
In Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, 9,378 and 10,943 cards were issued disbursing Rs 155.
In Azad Kashmir, 3,075 Watan cards were issued disbursing Rs 49,690,500 while five NADRA sites were set up in Hattian, Haveli, Mirpur, Neelum and Rawalakot I.
In Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, 3,587 and 10,475 cards were issued disbursing Rs.
The distributions will be made through the Company's disbursing agent, Computershare Trust Company, Inc.
Mellon Investor Services LLC served as Depositary during the tender offer and subsequent offering period, and will serve as Disbursing Agent for the Merger.