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58% of the total collection, and the main reason for discarding these blood bags was the positivity for different TTIs (68.
Targeting and discarding practices increased the difference in size and age composition between retained and discarded red snapper during open-season trips and between open and closed-season trips.
which operates the Fukushima plant, will pay costs for discarding radioactive waste and decontaminated soil.
UK Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon said that discarding was a "terrible waste of good food.
Mr Clark, who spoke in the European Parliament about discarding fish in April, echoed Mr Farage's comments.
Specifically prohibits the auditor from deleting or discarding workpapers after the documentation completion date.
You win the ace of clubs and take the ace of hearts, East discarding a low club.
Discarding them without taking advantage of their possible uses, Poznansky says, would be a tragedy.
Reversing the process of subtraction that leads to a discarding of what isn't needed, we obtain new data, information about the past and its traces, descriptions of a specific experience.
Strain through a fine mesh sieve, discarding the milk.
The problem came to light when we were in the process of discarding old documents, so depending on the division, the task may have been proceeding at a different pace.