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I had had to discard my rifle before I commenced the rapid descent of the cliff, so that now I was armed only with a hunting knife, and this I whipped from its scabbard as Kho leaped toward me.
Even when snugly seated by his own fireside, with Mrs Varden opposite in a nightcap and night-jacket, and Dolly beside him (in a most distracting dishabille) curling her hair, and smiling as if she had never cried in all her life and never could-- even then, with Toby at his elbow and his pipe in his mouth, and Miggs (but that perhaps was not much) falling asleep in the background, he could not quite discard his wonder and uneasiness.
Projections for a continued decline in discards are based on factors including continued recovery for recycling and composting, increased consumption of prepared foods (less food wastes), and packaging redesign for recycling and reuse.
2016 will prove a milestone for the fishing industry with the launch of the ban on discards for white fish and prawn stocks, Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead said today.
The chip then tags or discards cells that are not compliant with the traffic contract.
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine, Simon Coveney TD, will be seeking agreement from his European colleagues at next week s Fisheries Council on when and how introduce an effective discards ban in the context of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).
EU fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki has caused a rift in the UK industry after announcing plans to ban fish discards at sea.
These discards included about 17 million pounds of halibut, 4 million pounds of herring, 400,000 individual salmon, and 15.
This is done by selectively allocating the Frame Relay "burst window" to traffic such as IP file transfers, while avoiding SNA frame discards by transmitting all traffic within CIR (committed information rate).
Barely two months after enterprising chef and professional Tesco-botherer Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall took to our screens with his campaign against discards, the bureaucrats of Brussels have caved in, putting an outright ban of the practice firmly on the cards.
A key attribute of next-generation FRADs therefore is the ability to safeguard SNA traffic from frame discards by the network while fully exploiting the burst window for other (e.