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Based on initial pilot work, it was concluded that skilled present-day mediums could report accurate information about a discarnate without a sitter associated with the discarnate present, a replication and extension of the historical research.
In Christian tradition, where the Fall has theological standing--where it is seen in hindsight as a human disaster of such magnitude as to require the Redemption, the discarnate God's taking flesh in a woman's womb--it should be, if anything, clearer that the effects of the Fall cannot be sidestepped.
To put is simply, a discarnate supersensory hylic ponderable somatic macrocosm that lifts the nebula tectonics to a sphere never before encountered on a rubbish dump.
A young family in Ellesmere Port were being terrorised by what I can only describe as an evil discarnate presence which appeared in a number of hideous forms.
His persona offers the "picture" of a "fallen" grandfather, the image of "armies of people in the abandoned home, discarnate," and discussions of a place where "people no longer live in flesh," where "the dead come down wooden stairs at midnight.
Or consider Peter McLaren's claims--which Dwyer takes at face value--that students at the Catholic middle school he studied "`wore' the hegemonic culture of the school in their very beings: in their wrinkled brows, in their tense musculature, in the impulsive way they reacted to their peers, and in the stoic way they responded to punishment," and that there was "a distinct eros-denying quality about school life, as if students were discarnate beings, unsullied by the taint of living flesh.
We are all discarnate these days, body set aside while soul/mind roaming the universe and interacting with other discarnate beings.
This sort of phenomenon is guite familiar to anyone who has a lot of experience with paranormal activity, and the spiritualist would probably attribute it to 'spirit' or some other discarnate source.