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The interest and dedication of Taliban in the dialogue process can be easily discerned by the decreased terrorism in the Country, while government has also given peace a big breakthrough, which indicated government's resolve to adopt peace.
In photography, Wagstaff discerned cruising's residue, "zeroing in on bodies and parts of bodies as sculpture, even in death, even phrenologically," as he remarked in a 1983 issue of Artforum.
While reflecting on our Company's near 50-year operating history, I've discerned one immutable fact that I doubt few will argue - change is inevitable.
Although scientists more than a century ago discerned Earth's sluggishness, the rotation of the planet remained the unbeatable standard against which all mechanical clocks, from the pendulum to the marine chronometer, were set.
In opposition to the Enlightenment, Wright argues that the resurrection of Jesus was historical, an event in history that can be discerned as other events are discerned.
reject(s) contraception outright and countenances NFP only when couples have discerned through prayer serious reasons for spacing their children.