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And the report said, "The Government of Iran made no discernible efforts to protect victims of trafficking during the reporting period.
Its conclusion is that the presence of a bottle deposit law does not have a discernible effect on the retail price of beverages.
Quotidian details are completely lacking, rendering Callie's character only vaguely discernible.
Tom meets Astra, the Changeling Child, a tiny and dwarflike girl of no discernible age, a "performer" men pay to see and to touch.
Looking up from the doorway, an image of the metal cross is discernible through the translucent plane, while its shadow is thrown on the thick glass when the sun is in the right direction.
One month later, she dropped out of school and moved to Atlanta, GA, with a man 10 years her senior and without a discernible means of support.
Using ACTION as an illustration, this paper contends that Civil Rights and Black Power were neither dichotomous nor seamless, but rather discernible phases in an ongoing Black Freedom Movement.
In a letter written by Kempling to supporters in the wake of the ruling, he explains that Justice Holmes' decision was reached despite the fact that there was no proof of such disruption nor were there any complaints, but rather that "All of my former administrators wrote letters stating that my public comments had no discernible impact on the operation of the school.
However, the real agenda beneath the rhetoric about opening markets is discernible for those who understand globalese: It is about regional integration--that is, economic and political merger of the nations involved.
By chapter 4, his fixation on the "gaze" includes the postmodernist Marxian vocabulary of Laclau and Mouffe ("hegemony," "space of indeterminacy," "discursive presence") without serving any discernible purpose.
In a working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Bridget Terry Long of the Harvard Graduate School of Education concludes that educational tax credits have no discernible positive effect on enrollment.
In an interview she gave earlier this year, Gaines-Ross said it became evident that there are discernible, predictable stages through which each CEO passes during the course of holding office.