discharge from employment

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The Employer had a policy concerning abuse of patients, which provided for disciplinary action up to and including discharge from employment.
c]laims for loss of wages as the result of demotion, suspension, or discharge from employment for lawful conduct occurring during nonworking hours away from the employer's premises.
Accordingly, the state legislature drafted what was to become the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act (WDFEA) of 1987.
These decisions resulted in large judgments against employers in several unjust-dismissal cases shortly before the introduction and passage of the "Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act" (Mont.
The Billings Chamber supports HB241 [the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act] and the positive impact it will have, particularly on the business community in our area.
MDC pointed out that in Montana, the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act (WDEA) generally provides an exclusive remedy for wrongful discharge, and precludes an employee covered by a CBA from seeking relief under the WDEA.