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Although we control for race in our regression analyses, dual eligibles may experience discrimination based on their socioeconomic status from discharge planners and SNFs.
In fact, DCDC staff know that outcomes are changing when ex-offenders call the discharge planner at the jail on a regular basis to ask for additional resources.
Recently at a conference panel one hospital mentioned their discharge planners are now looking closely at home care providers' quality and outcomes, and the hospital is starting to be more discerning about where they send their patients.
collaborated with the nurse, discharge planner, and obstetrician to initiate the pumping of breastmilk, purchase a plane ticket, and discharge the mother of the 28 week twins.
A stamped, addressed return envelope was included with each survey for the individual discharge planner to mail the survey directly to the researchers.
Discharge planners help patients arrange for health and home care needs after they go home from the hospital.
For social workers, this accountability has led to a reshaping of their skills as discharge planners.
Successful nursing home administrators know how to deal with hospital discharge planners.
A new guide from the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and the United Hospital Fund is now available for hospital discharge planners, providing important insights into family caregivers' concerns about the increasingly difficult transition of their relatives from hospital to home.
Ethical dilemmas arise when values conflict, for example when a patient does not want PAC services that the discharge planner feels are needed, or when there are disagreements over the discharge destination (Proctor, Morrow-Howell, and Lott, 1993).
In Blue Hydrangeas, Sciucco, who worked as a hospital case manager and discharge planner for many years, attempts to bring consolation and understanding to all who encounter Alzheimer's.
Suppose you are a discharge planner at Lakelovely Hospital and you're seeking a facility for Mrs.

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