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The researchers concluded that the risk of readmission for older adults with dementia varies according to diagnosis and that special discharge planning for people with dementia is important.
They focused on COPD information, proper technique for inhaler use, and orientation to the discharge planning process and guide.
Clearly communication within the system and discharge planning that incorporates ancillary as well as direct health care needs is a start.
The health system gave responsibility for discharge planning to nurse case managers, who were more willing to send the patients to the system's rehab facility, she says.
The initial discharge planning effort at the jail was well-received by participating inmates.
Both BIDMC and UCSF use sophisticated discharge planning and coordinated care models along with their post-discharge clinics.
The skills of discharge planning are not taught to nursing students [1] and when I began the role, much of the discharge process was learned through experience.
The quality of hospital discharge planning assessments determines whether patients receive the health and social services they need or are sent home with unmet needs and without services.
The chief executive of the Children's Hospital told us that some agencies see discharge planning meetings as low priority and that there is sometimes low attendance of key individuals.
Discharge planning is the process by which patients are provided with services that will allow continuity of care so healing or health maintenance can occur outside the acute care hospital.
Discharge Planning RED (Readiness Early Disposition) Plan: Promotes patient clinical and emotional readiness for progression to appropriate level of care.
Speech-language pathologist Ashley (Centre for Neuro Skills, post-acute brain injury rehabilitation programs in California and Texas) introduces chapters with illustrations and case examples spanning the neurologic examination of the patient with TBI and principles of rehabilitation interventions, to discharge planning and continuing case management.

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